Welcome to our exciting world of creativity, colour, art, superb craftsmanship, African gifts, African sculptures, wall decorations and African drums, all exquisitely African. Our name Kumbula i Africa meaning to Remember Africa embodies the spirit of our organisation. Our curios are all meticulously originated and hand painted making the perfect African gift or keepsake for you to Remember Africa.

Some of our products:

  • African gifts

  • African sculptures

  • Wall decorations

  • African animal sculptures

  • Deer sculpture

  • Wall sculpture

  • African drums

  • Lion statues

  • Elephant statues

Kumbula iAfrica has been in the African sculpture and African gift business for almost as long as it remembers. African artifacts of all shapes, sizes and colours, and exquisitely created collectors items are their passion. The Kya Sands-based company specialises in the fascinating and ever-changing world of African art pieces, African sculptures, Animal sculptures, wall decorations, African drums, Lion statues and other African gifts such as curios. From artistic concept to completed product, all work is carried out in house, making Kumbula iAfrica truly self sufficient. Their highly qualified team originate, manufacture and sell a wide range of top-quality hand-painted curios and African gifts to both the local and international markets.


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